Help Center

  • What is IFMA?

    IFMA is a streaming service that offers a wide range of movies and TV-Shows from film producers from around the world.
    You can watch as much as you want, anytime and anywhere, for a very affordable monthly subscription. We always add new and exciting movies and TV Shows to our platform every month. Join our vibrant IFMA Community with thousands of awesome people. Sign up and discover a whole new world!
  • What can I watch on IFMA?

    IFMA features some of the best movies and TV-Shows from around the world. We cover all genres: From Action and Adventure to Drama and Romance. Especially many award-winning Independent Films and an affiliation to the African Film Community.
  • How much does it cost?

    You can enjoy basic content for free. To access all Premium Content, you can choose IFMA's monthly subscription plan. This includes unlimited high-definition streaming on all devices
  • Are there any additional fees?

    No. There are no additional fees to the monthly IFMA subscription you chose.
  • Where can I watch?

    You can enjoy all of IFMAs Content through this webpage on your computer, or through the IFMA App on your tablet and smartphone.
    For Android users visit:
    For iOS users:
  • How can film producers enroll?

    We have created a dedicated webpage for film producers. Just follow the link “Filmmaker” at the bottom of this webpage or click on the following link:
  • Why is my video always buffering?

    Please ensure a good internet connection.
    For Standard Quality (480p): > 3Mbps
    Download Speed For HD Quality (720p-1080p): > 5Mbps
    Check your internet connection here:
  • Why can't I watch in high quality?

    Please ensure a good internet connection.
    For HD Quality (1080p): more than 5Mbps Download Speed
    Check your internet connection here:
  • Why is my account on hold?

    Your account may be on hold if your payment for the monthly subscription has not been realized. In this case please make your sure your payment transaction is completed successful.
    Further, your account may be on hold if we have the believe that your account shows malicious activity. In this case contact us immediately at, else the account may be banned.
  • I have an issue with my payment?

    If you have a message that there is an issue with your payment, please check your resent payment transaction to IFMA. If you have not payed yet please do as soon as possible, to be able to enjoy all content on IFMA. If you have payed the right amount for the monthly subscription and you have received this message, please wait one or two days for the transaction to settle.
  • How can I change my account details?

    To change your account details, visit your account by clicking on the profile button in the top right corner. Then click on the edit button next to the account detail you want like to change.
  • How can I pay for IFMA?

    You can pay with Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, American Express and some Mobile Money Services.
    We are working very hard to include many payment methods for your convenience.
  • Why isn't my payment method accepted?

    We are working very hard to include all payment methods available. If your payment method is not accepted please try one of the many other options.
  • How can I cancel?

    If you want to leave the IFMA Community with all its great content, go to your account page und cancel your subscription.
  • Questions on Terms and Privacy Policy?

    Contact us at anytime and state your question. We will try to respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.
  • I have another issue or suggestion

    Please contact us at for any issues or suggestions you might have. We will try to respond to you as soon as possible.
  • I want to support IFMA

    To support IFMA feel free to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Tell your friends and family about us. And if you know any great film producers contact them and let them now about IFMAs great service.
    We have gathered a collection of IFMA icons and posters down below. You may share these to your desire on all social media platforms and to all your friends