Our Vision

We at IFMA believe that every good film is a work of art that deserves to be seen

Our Mission

Offer the best movies and TV-Shows from filmmakers around the world

The internet presents a tremendous opportunity for independent filmmakers to distribute their content digitally. With the leverage of the internet and the right platform, films can reach anyone, anytime, anywhere. However, the truth is, most filmmakers and actors struggle to make a decent income. Most end up uploading their content on platforms for free or at best, they earn little from advertising. It is clear that for independent filmmakers there are limited distribution channels, which translates into poor revenues, hence poor innovation and development in the global filmmaking community.Therefore, we at IFMA have created this platform to give every filmmaker the opportunity to distribute their work. We utilized our know-how and the expertise enabling to host, protect and monetize filmmakers’ content efficiently. But above all we showcase films in almost every country in the world, giving filmmakers access to a broader audience.We have brought together a very vibrant and extensive international community and we continue to grow strongly on a daily basis.IFMA is equally a company with highly skilled talented individuals in both technology and film and we love for you to be part of our adventure to discover new ideas, stories and worlds through film.For more information, please send us a mail via info@ifmacinema.com.